Video Training

Bring Your Key Managers Up to Speed on Profitability

The free Web-based training program is designed to bring your key managers up to speed on profitability. What you need to know is:

  • The program has ten sessions of about ten minutes each covering the key issues in distributor profitability.
  • There is a handout that goes with the training video that will be tailored to you firm, using averages fir your distribution industry.
  • All of the concepts and ideas presented are based upon the material that has been presented to top management by Al Bates at various national meetings for many years.  This is a chance to make sure your employees know what top management knows.

Please Note: The Video Training program is provided free of charge. However, because it is limited to selected trade associations, it requires knowing who you are. Please email the DPP using the link below regarding the training package.

Question of the Day

We feel we have to get more price aggressive to drive up our sales volume. How large of a sales increase will be required to offset a price cut?


Probably a lot more than you think.