Dr. Albert D. Bates

Al Bates headshot

Dr. Albert D. Bates is a Principal in the Distribution Performance Project, a research group devoted to distribution issues. He also serves as a strategic advisor to Benchmarking Analytics.

Al makes approximately 50 presentations each year on topics such as Improving the Bottom Line, Getting Serious About Profit, Doing More with Less, and Pricing for Profit. He is also a featured speaker at the University of Innovative Distribution.

He has written extensively in both the professional and trade press, including the Harvard Business Review, the California Management ReviewBusiness Horizons and Modern Distribution Management.

Al received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and his MBA and doctorate from Indiana University. While at Indiana he was one of the first recipients of a Ford Foundation Fellowship in Business Education.

He is married and has three grown daughters. When he is not traveling giving seminars he enjoys tennis and skiing. He is not particularly good at either one.

Question of the Day

We feel we have to get more price aggressive to drive up our sales volume. How large of a sales increase will be required to offset a price cut?


Probably a lot more than you think.